2015 Summit Program

All events take place in the Lory Student Center on the CSU campus, except where noted.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Looking Forward: Agriculture's Next Decade

The world is wholly dependent on leadership within the agricultural supply chain to continually innovate so we can have a reliable source of nutrition. Yet those who are managing this vast industry are up against tremendous challenges in the form of policy and regulation, consumer trends, access to capital, climate variability and so much more. This roundtable will convene experts in their fields who are responding to these challenges and in doing so, finding the opportunities.

Space is limited and only available to Summit attendees based on a first come, first serve basis.

Ed Goodman,
CEO, Spiral Experiences, LLC
Kathay Rennels, Associate Vice President for Engagement, Colorado State University

Confirming Additional Participants
Steven Arnold, Veterinary Student, Clinical Studies, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biological Sciences, Colorado State University
Cameron Bruett, Head, Corporate Affairs & Chief Sustainability Officer, JBS USA; President, Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef
Ron Dekok, Business Development Director North America, Horticulture LED Solutions, Philips Lighting
T. Wright Dickinson, Partner, Vermillion Ranch LP
Bill Hammerich, CEO, Colorado Livestock Association
Cindy Haren, President & CEO, Western Dairy Association
Steven Hoffman, Managing Director, Compass Natural LLC
Trudy Kareus, State Director, Colorado, USDA
Kelly Leid, Executive Director, North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative, Mayor's Office City and County of Denver
Alan Lewis, Government Affairs, Investor Relations and Organic Compliance, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage
Tom Lipetzky, Director of Marketing Programs & Strategic Initiatives, Colorado Department of Agriculture
Bob Mattive, Owner, Worley Family Farms
Kent McDaniel, Vice President of Marketing and Service, Crop Production Services
Alex Pfeifer, Business Development Executive, IBM Research, Brazil
Dr. James G. Pritchett, Assistant Vice President for Engagement, Colorado State University
Carlos Saviani, Vice President Animal Protein, World Wildlife Fund
Kammy Schuppe, Co-Owner, Schuppe Hay Farms, LLC
Paul E. Sherman, CEO, Viareo Wireless
Thad Simons, President and CEO Emeritus, Novus International, Inc.; Co-Founder, The Yield Lab; Board President, IFAMA
Mary Kay Thatcher, Senior Director, Congressional Relations, American Farm Bureau Federation
Mark Wdowik, Assistant Vice President for Research and Industry Partnerships, Colorado State University

3:00pmMASTER CLASS: A deeper look at advancements poised to transform the industry

Big Data, The Internet of Things and New Agriculture
The sheer quantity of data available today is overwhelming. How do you find what you need to know? How can technology link knowledge with product applications to make your operations significantly more efficient and cost effective? This session will illustrate innovative practices that turn good to great.

This master class has been fully booked. No further signups will be accepted.

Discussion Leaders:
Haley Harms,
Founder & CEO, Pro Till
Alexandre Pfeifer, Business Development Executive, IBM Research, Brazil
Lisa Prassack, Innovation Expert and Data Strategy Consultant
Chris Rezendes, Founder & President, INEX Advisors
Mary Kay Thatcher, Senior Director, Congressional Relations, American Farm Bureau Federation
3:00pmMASTER CLASS: A deeper look at advancements poised to transform the industry

Climate Smart Agriculture
We know our climate is changing. How can new science respond to changing climate conditions? Are “unseen” properties in the air taking a toll on livestock and crops? What are the projected costs of practices that will keep products safe? How can climate change risks be quantified into the agribusiness decision-making process? What does the future of Climate Smart Agriculture look like?

This master class has been fully booked. No further signups will be accepted.

Discussion Leaders:
Dr. John Corbett,
Co-Founder, President & CEO, aWhere
Dr. Andrew Jones, Senior Research Scientist, Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere, Colorado State University
Dr. Eugene Kelly, Department Head & Professor, Department of Soil and Plant Sciences, Colorado State University

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lory Student Center
We Are Innovation in Agriculture

Dr. Craig Beyrouty, Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences, Colorado State University

Dr. Tony Frank, President and Interim Chancellor, Colorado State University
Dr. Michael V. Martin, Chancellor Emeritus, Colorado State University
With problem-solving science, development of talent, and strong support of industry, CSU is committed to being one of the first and strongest links in the agricultural value chain.

Dr. Craig Beyrouty, Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences, Colorado State University
Kathay Rennels, Associate Vice President for Engagement, Colorado State University

Dr. Gregory D. Graff,
Associate Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Colorado State University
9:25amMayor Michael B. Hancock, City of Denver

What does it look like when a major US city embraces the agricultural industry? The Mayor of Denver will show us how his city believes investment into the agricultural value chain is the right way to go.
9:45amGovernor John Hickenlooper, State of Colorado

Agriculture comprises close to a quarter of the state economy. This extraordinary contribution is recognized in the Colorado Blueprint. How can we ensure continued strength and leadership from Colorado's agriculture industry?
10:30amAlexis Glick, CEO, GENYOUth Foundation; Former Fox News Executive and Anchor
PanXchange: The Future of Commodities

Instant market access and price discovery for all on the commodity supply chain

Julie Lerner, Founder & CEO, PanXchange, Inc.
The Dairy Industry—A Revolution in What We Eat and Drink

Colorado is home to some of the most innovative dairy producers. What is the secret to productive collaboration? What changes have been made and what are the economic results? With change comes risks and rewards—what lessons have been learned from trial and error that have lead to nationwide acclaim?

Alexis Glick,
CEO, GENYOUth Foundation; Former Fox News Executive and Anchor

Cindy Haren, President & CEO, Western Dairy Association
Mary Kraft, CFO, Badger Creek Farm & Quail Ridge Dairy
Cammie Muller, CFO, Aurora Organic Dairy
Smart Agriculture: Delivering Real-Time Intelligence
11:20amBOOMING AND BLOOMING: Colorado’s Engines of Growth
We are a nation of innovators and Colorado is leading the charge to create next-generation technologies and business models to nourish, refresh and energize the world. By taking a holistic approach to the entire agricultural value chain, new thinking, new approaches and new applications are emerging. How is this innovation impacting how we grow, process, deliver and eat food? How is Colorado positioned for prosperity in the face of increasing globalization?

Mark N. Sirangelo,
Chief Innovation Officer, State of Colorado; Chairman, Colorado Innovation Network (COIN); Corporate Vice President, Sierra Nevada Corporation's Space Systems

Dr. John Corbett,
Co-Founder, President & CEO, aWhere
Frank Curtis, Executive Vice President & COO, Limagrain
John-Paul Maxfield, CEO, Waste Farmers
Jason Vieth, Vice President Strategy & Business Development, WhiteWave Foods
Colorado 4-H, The Ag Innovators Experience

Developing workforce skills to feed the planet

Annette Haas, Extension Specialist, 4-H Youth Development, STEM and K-12, Colorado State University
Talent: The Next Generation

The “outstanding talent pool” in entrepreneurial pockets of Colorado is named as one of the key reasons companies like Celestial Seasonings, Oskar Blues, and Ardent Mills locate in the state. Who is in the talent pool? What do the newest entrants want in their careers? Millennials and employers speak about passions, incentives and how they see legacies in the making.

Jacob Castillo,
Larimer County Enterprise Zone Administrator, Larimer County Workforce Center

Christopher Gaddis, Vice-President, Human Resources, JBS USA
Brian Hux, Student at Colorado State University, Major Soil and Crop Sciences, minors in Organic Agriculture and Political Science
Barbara Kallay, Senior Vice-President, Human Resources, Leprino Foods
Emily Rudder, Student at Colorado State University, Major Agricultural Education, minor in Agriculture and Natural Resource Economics
Weather = Water: Thriving In The New Normal
How do we manage the ever-growing rivalry over our most precious natural resource? Now more than ever, our approach to water use requires innovative thinking and practices. We’re taking a pointed look at innovative practices in the realms of crop genetics, hydro engineering, climate information, management, and water treatment, and how these practices are being integrated, disseminated, and adopted. We may already have the know-how, but it’s time to put it into practice, and then take it globally.

Peter Petre,
Writer, Author, and Former Executive Director, FORTUNE

Zach Sigmon, Operations Director, Silver Bullet Water Treatment
Dr. David R. Stewart, PE, President & CEO, Stewart Environmental Consultants
John Stulp, Special Policy Advisor to the Governor for Water & Chairman of the Interbasin Compact Committee, State of Colorado
Brad Udall, Senior Water and Climate Research Scientist, Colorado Water Institute
Dr. David Zoldoske, Director, Center for Irrigation Technology and Water Institute, California State University, Fresno

Firing Line:
Dr. Timothy Gates, Professor, Civil Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University
Dr. Stephen W. Smith, Consultant, Colorado Water Innovation Cluster, Regenesis Management Group
Dr. Reagan Waskom, Director, Colorado Water Institute; Chair, Colorado State University Water Center
Jim Yahn, Manager, North Sterling Irrigation District; Member, State Interbasin Compact Committee

GULF, Inc. supports the sustainability of Colorado's agriculture through
innovative, state of the art technologies in the areas of aquaculture, hydroponics
and renewable energy.

Kristen Cooper, Director, Sales & Marketing
Gail Schwartz, Former State Senator, 5th Congressional District, Colorado
3:10pmA HEALTHY FOOD SYSTEM: How We Achieve Safe, Secure, and Plentiful

The global food system is built upon the convergence of people, animals, products and environment. The health of one affects the health of all. What are the innovations in biomedical sciences that accelerate healthy food production? Are regulations uniform and adequate? Are vaccines that protect animals possibly harmful downstream to consumers? Are the pressures to “feed exploding populations” jeopardizing good practices?

Dr. Martín Carcasson,
Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies & Founder & Director, Center for Public Deliberation, Colorado State University

Kelly Green, Owner & Board Chairman, Birko
Dr. Alan Rudolph, Vice President of Research, CSU
Carlos Saviani, Vice President Animal Protein, World Wildlife Fund
Dr. Laurie Scanlin, Principal Inventor & CEO, Keen Ingredients
Dr. Mark Stetter, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University
University of Northern Colorado BizHub Collaborative

The UNC BizHub Collaborative is a virtual incubator created through the joint efforts of East Colorado SBDC, higher education institutions, communities and businesses to bring unique and innovative solutions to small businesses.

Dick Pickett, Director, University of Northern Colorado BizHub Collaborative
5 minute pitches by the very best Innovation Fair participants

Todd Headley,
President, CSU Ventures
Hilton, Ft. Collins

Friday, March 20, 2015

Lory Student Center
University Avenue, South of Lory Student Center
The Generational Journey of Innovation

Peter Petre, Former Executive Editor, Fortune Magazine
KEEPING COFFEE IN YOUR CUP – Innovation at Source

Lindsey Bolger, Vice President, Coffee Sourcing & Excellence, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.
Food is a $3 trillion industry worldwide and much of it is being produced in traditional, custom-driven ways. A movement within the industry has gained sufficient momentum: Fast Casual. Food that is nutritious, ingredients that promote wellbeing, and cooked to preserve freshness and timed to meet on-the-go lifestyles. Can the emerging industry retain consumer confidence? How is it adjusting to evolving consumer tastes? Who are the innovative players?

Dave Kingsbury,
New Hope Media, Vice President of Product Development

Natalie Condon, Co-Owner, Isabelle Farm
Marley Hodgson III, Chief Strategic Officer, Co-Founder & Chef, MAD Greens
Elizabeth Mozer, CEO & COO, LoCo Foods
Dave Veno, Colorado Branch Manager, Shamrock Foods Company
Colorado Agricultural Cleantech Challenge

Introducing the agriculture industry to technology solutions in less than five months

Christine Shapard, Founding Executive Director, Colorado Cleantech Industry Association
9:50am The Honorable Federico Peña
Senior Advisor for Colorado Impact Fund
Former Secretary of Transportation
Former Secretary of Energy
Former Mayor of Denver
10:00amFINANCING THE FUTURE: Follow the Money
Agriculture is on the move - embarking on changes, making investments, and incurring costs. Financial institutions are also forward-looking, creating new funding streams. What are today’s investors looking for? Is agribusiness in Colorado getting better investor attention than counterparts in other states? How “creative” is creative financing?

The Honorable Federico Peña

Timothy Croissant,
Eaton Market President, Bank of Colorado
Joel Harris, Director, Mars Ventures
Mary McBride, President, CoBank
Thad Simons, President & CEO Emeritus, Novus International, Inc.; Co-Founder, The Yield Lab; Board President, IFAMA
Amber Waves of Innovation: Consumer-Inspired Partnerships

An independent joint venture of three parent companies—ConAgra, Cargill and CHS—Ardent Mills is a prominent flour-milling enterprise which set up headquarters in Denver in 2014. Committed to being a good partner to suppliers and a contributor to the agricultural ecosystem, this consortium has great insight to share on shifting demographics, changing tastes and preferences, innovative water use practices and strategies to feed 9 billion people by 2050.

Bill Stoufer, COO & Chief Integration Officer, Ardent Mills

Dr. Craig Beyrouty,
Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences, Colorado State University
Dr. Lou Swanson, Vice President for Engagement and Director of CSU Extension, Colorado State University

THE INNOVATION FAIR will run throughout the conference. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.